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Part 2 – Acquiring Talent in Information Security

This is a continuation of Part 1 - Acquiring Talent In Information Security. A Penetration Testing Wizard is assessing a new prospect Assessing New Prospects  Being able to discern the...
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Part 1 – Acquiring Talent In Information Security

Hiring Great Fantastic Penetration Testers What does it take to become a successful penetration tester? How do you identify, hire and stimulate your staff? Did you know, some of the...
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Karina Årland – Account Executive – Welcome!

We are incredibly happy to announce our latest member to the team, Karina Årland, joining us from Beerenberg! We welcome her to the position as Account Executive. The continuous growth...
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Incident Response – Practicing and Gamification

I recently published a video on YouTube on the aspect of practicing Incident Response scenarios, applying elements of gamification and planning out how we can plan to prepare against dealing...
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Happy Birthday to River Security

At the time of writing, River Security has turned one year old and looking back, we realize what a fantastic year it has been! As most one-year-olds are busy learning...
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OODA Loops, Speed and Agility

To beat attackers at their own game, it is imperative River Security is able to more rapidly detect, uncover and find flaws in our customers environments than the threat actors....
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Know Your Enemy

River Security follow closely the attackers' behaviors and attack techniques. In studying attackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's), our tools are sharpened and tailored to discover weaknesses in organizations defenses...
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New employee!

The current threat landscape, where the number of cyberattacks are rapidly increasing, sets requirements for cybersecurity companies to always be on the constant lookout for more skilled talent in this...
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Ransomware Roulette – Level up or pay up

As we all know, at least to some extent, cryptocurrency solved the main problem (if we ask threat actors, that is) in ransomware and extortion attacks – getting away with...
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Cyber Warfare – The threat of the 0-day – Is there nothing we can do?

Introduction Breaking news within our Cyber Security domain has become almost an everyday business; Cyber-Warfare and crime has become an everyday threat against democratic values, privacy and the livelihood of...
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