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In search of ethical hackers

In River, we always seek to challenge the norm and the methodology set. This also involves our way of recruiting. This topic, of finding new ethical hackers through technical challenges...
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Do you want to join us? – See what our latest hire says about the process joining River Security

As part of our on-going strategy to only employ the best and most qualified people, we held a quite difficult (and complex) hacking competition during the summer months, and Krister...
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Say welcome to our latest hire – Krister Kvaavik!

Krister will have his first day with us today.  “Coming from Bouvet, having great and competent colleagues, expectations are high. I have had a considerable career so far and I...
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Breaking Into Information Security

People have continually been contacting me for mentorship, positions in their company or in general about how to get started in the Information Security industry. Thank you, I am honored....
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Share and prepare

We frequently help customers deal with data-breaches and compromise, both organization-wide and incidents limited to a handful of devices. When the breach has been contained and the organization recovered, we always ask our...
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Wake up. Don’t get your email compromised

NRK, the biggest Norwegian television broadcaster and news medium called us last week and asked, “how does actually email accounts get hacked (so easily)?” The reason for asking is closely...
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Leaked Credentials and Vulnerabilities Lead to Compromise

Several companies have been hacked in Norway the past few weeks (Intersport, NHH), and internationally we've seen the same (Intel, Canon, Garmin). River Security commented in the Norwegian news magazine...
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The Infosec & OSINT Show – Breaking up the recon and pentest produces better results

Today the podcast Infosec & OSINT show was released, and our Founder and Principal Consultant Chris Dale participated on the show. He explains why breaking up recon and pentest produces...
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Interview: XSS Rat & Chris Dale

Chris Dale was invited to do a webcast with XSS Rat, and why not give back to the community and say yes? The webcast discussed the following topics: How to...
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15 minute podcast – We share our passion on cyber security

15 minutes for a podcast is perfect! It's not too long, not too short and we got to share the most important things. Last month we did an in studio...
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