Penetration testing

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Securing the long-term prosperity of businesses with pen testing.

In today’s technologically advanced era, protecting digital assets is crucial to ensuring the longevity and success of companies. Cybersecurity is an ever-pressing issue, and it is crucial for companies to have a comprehensive understanding of their digital presence.

Proactive Security Measures

By being proactive and investing in robust security measures, companies can effectively protect themselves from cyber threats and ensure the safety and security of their digital assets.

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Before a pen test

Mapping out the digital footprint should be at the forefront of every company’s priorities, particularly before undergoing a penetration test to identify vulnerabilities. 

This activity offers numerous advantages, including significant cost savings and faster results. By gaining a clear understanding of their digital assets, companies can quickly identify any weaknesses or systems that require maintenance before undergoing a penetration test. This ensures that the penetration test provides the most valuable feedback, focusing on what matters most to the organization. 

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Hacker tactics in penetration testing

At River Security, we understand the importance of providing top-notch penetration testing services to our clients. Our team of expert penetration testers employs the same skills, techniques, and tactics as hackers to effectively map out the digital footprint and provide valuable insights to our clients. Discover even more about Initial Access by exploring this extensive MITRE repository.

Cybersecurity strategy with pen tests.

By identifying the attack surface, we can help companies better understand how hackers operate and develop a more effective cybersecurity strategy. By conducting a thorough digital footprint assessment, we can effectively prepare for a comprehensive penetration test, ensuring the best possible outcome. This crucial step allows us to understand our target’s online presence and potential vulnerabilities, leading to a successful and impactful evaluation. It allows the penetration test to focus on what matters the most, not just the assets that someone thinks are the most important, but the ones pointed out by a professional hacker. 

Our collective goals.

Our ultimate objective is to demonstrate to our clients the specific areas of vulnerability in their security systems. By carefully examining an organization’s digital landscape, we can uncover the existence of unauthorized software, hardware, or other technology being used without the knowledge or approval of IT departments. Protect your digital assets from potential threats by taking proactive measures.

…”One of the differentiating features of River Security is that they focus on real threats and areas that need attention – so we not only know about vulnerabilities, dark web disclosures and other issues, but also how they will affect our business.“…

Ole-Martin Bækkeli, CISO at Azets / Check out our client testimonials and be inspired by their feedback

With the ability to quantify, one can control vulnerabilities.

Take the first step towards securing your company’s future by mapping out your digital footprint with River Security. Getting in touch with our expert penetration testers will provide valuable insights that can help you develop a more effective cybersecurity strategy and protect your digital assets against any potential threats.

You can schedule an informal meet and greet with Vegard Reiersen. We understand that companies can feel a little nervous about being hacked. But instead of viewing it as a stigma on your company’s reputation, let’s take a proactive approach to protect your business. That’s where Vegard comes in – he’s a cybersecurity expert who can help you navigate the ins and outs of keeping your business safe. So if you’re interested in learning more, why not schedule a meeting with him? It’s a great chance to chat and get some tips on how to protect your company.

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Chris Dales’ presentation on “When Alerts Become Opportunities” at DefCamp delves into the limitations of traditional pen testing and offers innovative ideas and models to enhance the agility of pen testing. He identifies the shortcomings of pen testing as a snapshot in time, which may not cover future security vulnerabilities.

Chris advocates for pen testing to mimic the behaviour of attackers and not be constrained by scope, so customers can benefit more from the testing process. He emphasizes the challenges of traditional pen testing and proposes agile methodologies to make pen testing more effective in enhancing the security posture of companies. This approach will undoubtedly benefit companies in the long run and help thwart potential cyber threats.

Chris passionately emphasizes the advantages of adopting an always-on pen testing strategy. This technique involves constantly assigning pen testing tasks to testers for any new changes, deltas, or credential leaks, rather than conducting a week-long pen test. This approach provides greater agility in the pen testing world and enables customers to thwart cybercriminals and other malicious actors.

Chris likens pen testing to playing badminton, while criminals and other threat actors are playing tennis. In order to triumph in this battle, pen testers must embrace the OODA Loop – the ability to observe, detect, orient, decide, and act on the action.

Furthermore, Chris suggests that companies should mature their pen test teams by weaponizing and operationalizing them to work for a year at a time. By doing so, these teams can gain an intimate understanding of the attacker’s methods and strategies, which will enable them to emerge victorious in the fight against cyber threats.