How does it work?

Mapping your Digital Footprint is the place to start. This gives you knowledge about your attack surface, and you get expert advice on what to prioritize. To take action we recommend a Penetration Test were we dig deeper into a defined scope. This will result in concrete, actionable recommendations for the time being. To ensure you are protected against current threats at all times we would like to introduce you to Active Focus our "always-on" technology. Active Focus is a technology that continuously maps out you surface and performs penetration tests on essential assets. Your Threat Intelligence Manager (TIM) will alert you when you need to take specific measures. So you can be assured that we have got your back, always.


Map your Digital Footprint

Gain a deep understanding of your digital assets and identify potential weaknesses that need to be addressed.



Penetration Testing

River Security conduct thorough tests of your most valuable assets and provide concrete, actionable recommendations.



Active Focus

Active Focus technology continuously performs mapping and testing of your system. Monitoring this technology our TIM contacts you with specific actionable advise where it's absolutely needed. This is how Active Focus can assure you are always aware of risks of cyber attacks and how to stop them.



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Steps to better security hygiene

Stay in Control

Continuously manage and secure your attack surface

Stay Ahead of Threats

Constantly assess and uncover vulnerabilities

Empower Your Defenses

Take proactive steps to safeguard against criminal exploitation