How Does It Work?

Know Yourself; Mapping your Digital Footprint is the place to start. Get knowledge about what you expose on your attack surface, and receive expert advice on where and what to prioritize. Ensure staying on-top of the latest threats and developments at all times with Active Focus - our expert moderated Attack Surface Management technology.

Active Focus is our technology which continuously maps out your attack surface and lets our experts perform penetration testing on the delta as it is evolving. This test method is based on threat intelligence and how the systems are changing over time. Receive actionable and human alerts from a dedicated Threat Intelligence Manager (TIM) when impact is proven. We've have got your back on the latest hacking techniques, new risks introduced, and effectively de-weaponize the enemy, throughout the year, not just once a year.


Understand your Digital Footprint

Gain a deep understanding of your digital assets and identify potential weaknesses that need to be addressed. Find Shadow IT and get a solid understanding of what is exposed, where, and with what risk.



Penetration Testing

River Security's expert penetration testers conduct thorough analysis and tests of your most valuable assets and provide concrete, actionable recommendations. We leave no stone unturned.



Attack Surface Management and Offensive SOC

Active Focus technology continuously performs discovery and mapping of your External Attack Surface. Our External Attack Surface Management technology allows our team of penetration testers to continiously review and assess a multitude of different aspect pertaining your Attack Surface. The Offensive SOC is the team monitoring this technology, and our team of Threat Intelligence Managers contacts you with specific and actionable advise where it's absolutely needed. Active Focus assure you are always being tesed for the latest developments in risk.



Do not hesitate to ask our friendly experts. We are here to help!

Steps to better security hygiene

Stay in Control

Continuously manage and secure your attack surface

Stay Ahead of Threats

Constantly assess and uncover vulnerabilities

Empower Your Defenses

Take proactive steps to safeguard against criminal exploitation