Penetration Testing

Protect your digital assets with our efficient penetration testing services, ensuring robust security measures for your business.

Maximize your defense strategy by prioritizing assets based on their appeal to potential attackers

Let River Security run thorough penetration tests on your most valuable assets

Enhance your security with Active Focus technology running continuous tests on you system 

What Penetration testing will get you


Enhanced Security Posture

Identify and address vulnerabilities to enhance overall security.


Effective Risk Mitigation

Prioritize and mitigate potential risks with targeted measures.


Regulatory Compliance

Demonstrate adherence to industry regulations and standards.


Peace of Mind

Proactively protect assets and sensitive data for worry-free operations. 

Penetration testing is an offensive service where our team tests your solutions in scope for risks pertaining business processes, payment solutions, vulnerabilities, personal data, and more. After identifying your most valuable assets by mapping your Digital Footprint, River Security offensively tests them with a hacker's point of view in mind.

Penetration testing can be done on an a variety of digital assets, infrastructures and complete environments.

The testing will result in a report with actionable advise of what risk is currently exposed in the application. The report you receive will contain an executive summary describing the risks involved and recommended short- and long-term actions.

River also provide a full colour coded and prioritized list of vulnerabilities identified. Each vulnerability will be rated based on several aspects, e.g. the impact on confidentiality, availability and integrity. The vulnerability will also have a score impacted by things such as if the vulnerability is exploitable without authentication, from the Internet or not, and so on.

Each vulnerability contains a description on how it was exploited, demonstrating the appropriate risk, and also suggestions on remediation, both short- and long-term where applicable.

Our Customers Say It The Best

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The team is very knowledgeable and has taught us a lot when it comes to proactive cyber security. They are agile and clearly has a lot of competence within their field, and we are happy to have them on our side in the ever-changing threat landscape.

Terje Einar Hunvik, IT Operations Manager, Mesta

Terje Einar Hunvik


One of the differentiating features of River Security is that they focus on real threats and areas that need attention – so we not only know about vulnerabilities, dark web disclosures and other issues, but also how they will affect our business.


Ole-Martin Bækkeli


...That’s where River Security comes in, offering their Active Focus service to keep us ahead of the curve with a constantly evolving attack surface, and even helping us to uncover the unknown...

Arvid Eriksen SPV

Arvid Eriksen

Sparebanken Vest

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