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Ensuring the Security of Client Data

The Importance of Employee Background Checks. Cyber Security is a field where honesty, integrity and security are of paramount importance. Companies operating in this industry must take rigorous measures to...
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Welcome Herman!

We are pleased to announce that Herman Bergsholm has officially joined River Security's Platform Engineering team! Photo from article. Full article (in Norwegian) opens in a new tab. Herman is...
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Protecting Your Data: Techniques for Securing Sensitive Information Online

Data has become the currency of our time and as such, it is crucial to ensure its security. Hackers can easily gain access to highly sensitive data through simple Google...
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Don’t Overlook Social Media Security: Protecting Your Brand

Social media has increasingly become a critical component of the attack surface that many businesses fail to consider. It is imperative to comprehend the locations where our brand is exposed...
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Introducing Richard Beunk, the first hire of the year 2023!

Richard is currently completing his bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. His thesis focuses on malware analysis. He is an enthusiastic and driven individual who is eager to bring his passion...
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The milestones of 2022

As we look back on the year 2022, it's clear that it was a year of significant milestones and achievements. A great deal of progress has been made, and we...
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Code Repositories: A Wealth of Information and Potential Threats. How River Security Protects Your Assets

At River Security, one of our key priorities is helping our customers protect their assets and data from potential threats. One way we do this is by identifying customer-owned code...
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Cheating the Threat Actors: How River Security Monitors Cloud Assets to Stay Ahead

At River Security, we understand the importance of monitoring cloud assets in order to protect our customers from potential threats. That's why we have developed a unique approach to monitoring...
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Mobile Apps Can Reveal Valuable Information for Attackers

Mobile applications have become a crucial part of modern business operations, with many companies relying on them to connect with customers, manage internal processes, and handle sensitive information. However, the...
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Active Trace – Adding Deception to Aid Detection and Attack Surface Management

As the prevalence of cyber attacks continues to rise, it's more important than ever for organizations to protect themselves online. One tool that can help with this is Active Trace,...
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