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New external members to our Board of Directors!

We are happy to announce two new external members to the Board of Directors, Stine Andreassen and Karsten Duus Wetteland! Stine brings a lot to the table when it comes...
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We’re officially welcoming Preben to the team!

Preben has been working with our Platform Engineering Team during the summer, so we have had the chance to get to know him well. It has been such a pleasure...
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Where Applications Reside, Vulnerabilities Arise – Network Services

Firewalls are considered to be a blocking control on our networks, but inherently also exists to allow users access to functionality; functionality provided by applications. Applications unfortunately regularly contain vulnerabilities,...
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Why Do We Monitor for Domains? Finding Keys to the Kingdom!

Domains represent a crucial and vital part of the attack surface our organizations expose. A DNS ("Domain Name System") is a central part of every organization and can essentially be...
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Cyber Threat 2022 Challenge

Wow, you're here? Okay.. well... If you've got a little bit of investigative efforts on you, we've hidden a piece of information for this event on an asset. This asset...
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Users and Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Criminals Can Do It,So Can We! One of our most important duties for our customers.Is there any new opportunities Cyber Threat Intelligence provide our Offensive Engineers? Many organizations are...
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Why We Monitor Technology

A key pillar in every organizationTECHNOLOGY Why and how do we monitor it? What kind of opportunities does it present our Offensive Security Operations Center? With aged technology comes vulnerabilities....
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We are looking for Senior Developers!

Are you passionate and experienced in development and architecture? Perhaps have a special thing for Cyber Security too? You might be the person we are looking for! To support our...
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Meet our Head of International Sales, Vegard Reiersen!

River Security has experienced substantial growth over the past two years. Our services are gaining increasing international attention and demand, and we are super happy to finally announce Vegard as...
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Two years in business

River Security is all about upstream thinking, thinking ahead of the symptoms and fixing problems at their core. Combating Adversaries, The Way We Know Best “I do not believe in...
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