Digital footprint

Understand your Digital Footprint

Companies don’t always have a good enough overview of their digital assets, hence it’s hard being in the driver seat to determine where to implement defenses. It would be equivalent of driving a car without wipers, you can see some things outside, but it might be hard to fully navigate in your surroundings.

Mapping out the Digital Footprint is an essential key activity most companies should focus on, especially before procuring a penetration test to help determine weaknesses. The advantages of mapping out the Digital Footprint is plentiful, here are some of them:

Less initial investment, more results earlier

Organizations will quickly get an overview of what their facade of digital assets look like. This will normally reveal weaknesses, systems that are not maintained and other problems which should be addressed by the organization. It’s best to have these things fixed in advance of a penetration test. River Security also has the chance to provide more value, earlier in the engagements, when doing a mapping of your Digital Footprint. Less initial investments, more results earlier in the engagements, what’s there
not to like?

The proper way to set the stage for a penetration test

It sets the stage properly for a penetration test. It allows the penetration test to focus on what matters the most, not just the assets whom someone thinks is the most important ones, but the ones pointed out by a professional hacker. It’s important for us to prove to clients where the attack surface lies, as many companies don’t have the full overview themselves, and don’t necessarily know how hackers operate. Shadow IT is a concern for many, and this is normally uncovered during a mapping of digital assets.

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Clear your windshields and have an easier time navigating the digital roads ahead.