Offensive Services

Digital Footprint

Don’t start without knowing where to start first. Understanding your own digital attack surface is key in knowing where to start securing solutions. Receive a comprehensive overview of how and where your applications, services and assets stand the weakest and start implementing defenses where it matters the most.

This is the recommended first step for most companies.

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Active Focus

Companies strive for continuous control of their environments, but shadow-IT and other challenges constantly appear. Active Focus is continuous Attack Surface Management, in other words, always-on attackers. 

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Penetration Testing

Have experts review and report on how to best secure and control an applications security.

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Inside Assessments

Internal networks must be tested. Our users are suspect to all kinds of risk, one of the most prominent attack vectors being phishing. Users will most of the time compromise themselves, allowing attackers access to the internal networks.

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Red Team Engagements

Organizations looking for more control and better understanding of the entire threat landscape should hire a Red Team.

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Mobile Application Testing

A new frontier containing risks and vulnerabilities whom need to be fully understood and secured by the business.

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