Inside Assessments

Attackers are already on the inside

And if they are not, they will likely be in the future because of inherent risks like phishing and zero-day vulnerabilities. Our users are suspect to all kinds of risk, one of the most prominent attack vectors being phishing. Users will most of the time compromise themselves, allowing attackers access to the internal networks.

Place your trusted adversary on the inside

Let our team help you in discovering the most critical risks and ensure upstream thinking in solving the real problems and efforts your organization must take to survive. There is no curing users compromising themselves, so we are better off dealing with the situation accordingly.

With a internal assessment from River Security, our team will conduct penetration testing efforts in areas where the most impact can be achieved, and long term security measure can be built.

The castle analogy is dead – Welcome the security onion

Many look at cyber security as building a castle. High and strong walls on the outside, but unfortunately leaving the inside vulnerable to anyone already on the inside. If it is a malicious insider, a user getting compromised or malicious software propagating your networks, one thing is for certain, the castle will not hold and a layered approach to security is better.

During River Security’s testing, we focus on producing achievable and actionable results on how we can build long lasting security, in layers, that will help detect and remediate threats on the inside.