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The Infosec & OSINT Show – Breaking up the recon and pentest produces better results

Today the podcast Infosec & OSINT show was released, and our Founder and Principal Consultant Chris Dale participated on the show. He explains why breaking up recon and pentest produces...
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How to engage a company in Offensive Services

This post will assist you in how to best start engaging a company in offensive services, because you want to understand the running risks of your company. It highlights how...
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“Everybody will be hacked, it’s just a matter of when, not if” – Interview

Today we were featured in an article on a Norwegian online magazine called The article discusses our company launch and some important distinctions that makes us different from many...
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Digital Footprint – The first step in most offensive services – Guest Blog Post

We've contributed with a blog post at to shed light on smarter, more efficient and convenient ways of providing offensive services. We discuss the mutual benefits of mapping the...
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