We are looking for Senior Developers!

Are you passionate and experienced in development and architecture? Perhaps have a special thing for Cyber Security too? You might be the person we are looking for! To support our fully remote workforce we are now looking for a senior developer to help lead and build our development team.

Cyber Security is an indispensable part of all services. River Security prides ourselves in tackling Cyber Security challenges head-on with ways we believe best disrupt cyber criminals and threat actors.

We are currently one of Norway’s strongest cyber security innovation companies. We are therefore in the process of strengthening our investment to further develop our services within Attack Surface Management (ASM).

In this connection, we are now looking for a new Senior Developer.

Do you have professional weight and want to further develop yourself? Then we can help give you an exciting everyday life and a committed team to work with. 

What is it like to work with us? Check out our blogpost:

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About you 

You are self-driven and can take the lead. You are passionate for new technology, and it drives you to work in close collaboration to jointly create new improved products and solutions. 

You are creative, practical, and organized in both the design and verification process of your system designs. 

The successful candidate will possess a breadth and depth of knowledge. This position requires continuous learning to keep up with the latest. Our employees are expected to continuously improve their tradecraft and add to the breadth and depth of their knowledge. 

  • You are a naturally curious self-starter 
  • You thrive in a team-oriented environment but can also develop and deliver independently with little supervision. 
  • Relentless learner – you actively seek to add to your skillset and knowledge base while challenging the status quo to drive efficiency in the team. 
  • Insist on high standards within the team and actively share your perspectives with the team. 
  • You like to experiment with new technology, troubleshoot and debug, and seeing systems being built and used.  

Finally, feel free to recognize yourself in the following: 

  • 5+ years of professional experience in a developer role 
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Interest and knowledge of design patterns, architecture, full-stack infrastructure

About the position

By becoming part of River Security’s skilled and committed team, you can join and shape the future and carry out important work that creates value for our customers, and most importantly, puts a serious dent in what cyber criminals can do. Some other good reasons to work here are: 

  • Contribute to the continuous development of our self-developed Attack Surface Management service, Active Focus
  • Taking on the role as architect for multiple stacks of systems and helping plan out new systems and solutions to support our future development 
  • Be a technical team lead of a small team of developers, currently only 2
  • Take lead on solving issues tracked in our issue tracker across several different repositories
  • You will work with leading professionals in this field and learning alongside them in a vibrant learning environment 
  • We motivate continual professional development, and encourage employees to develop their career through external course providers 
  • Flexible working hours with a good balance between work and leisure. 
  • We organize internal events like “Hacker House Get2Gether”, team buildings and other social gatherings 
  • Competitive salaries and employee benefits program 
  • Your ideas will potentially influence the company direction. There is a short way from idea to implementation in young and agile companies. 

Your main Activities & Responsibilities: 

  • Take care of our full-stack of applications, including:
  • Software system architecture in relevant language e.g., React, Node, Go and Python
  • Develop and improve existing API’s hosted via REST or GraphQL via Node and Apollo
  • Build and improve data storage solutions including existing databases in MariaDB and MongoDB, but also innovate into new databases e.g. graph and key/value databases
  • Continuous improvements and maintenance of existing code bases
  • Contribute to the R&D development and continuous improvement of company’s digital solutions

We would like you to meet most of these Qualifications & Experiences: 

  • Preferably 5+ years of experience in software development and architecture 
  • A degree in software development or related subjects 
  • Proactive with an energetic attitude towards developing software systems and continual improvements. 
  • Creative, practical, and organized in both the design and verification process of system designs. 
  • Ability to take the lead to ensure a consistent high quality of software design and implementation. 
  • Competence in software system architecture in relevant language e.g., Node, React, Python, Go where Node and React is most important.
  • Our working language is English, but knowing Norwegian is always a plus.

What can we offer you? 

Competitive conditions in a dynamic and diverse work environment with passion for new technology. You get the opportunity to develop professionally and be strongly involved in developing the company 

The main focus will be to work in our tech team to help build the platform. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have deep knowledge of our tech stack, we put more emphasis on your experience and attitude to learning and collaboration. 

What can you expect? 

In addition to the role as Senior Developer, you would also have an opportunity to participate in project management, product development, customer relationship, business intelligence and support for our global customers. 

Working in an agile environment you will have the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and technologies and make a difference by directly influencing critical factors in both software -design and -development. 

We expect you to be an advocate for writing clean, secure, and efficient code and tests. And that you are not afraid to recommend and execute improvements on both the code base and the development processes. We want all developers to take ownership and responsibility for the implementation. 

You will solve complex real-world problems and help shape the future. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and you will use your expertise to develop the products and services that organizations rely on to do their business safely. 

Reasons to choose us 

The most important reason why you should consider applying is because you want to be part of a growing, fun and skilled professional environment within cyber security. 

Are you still triggered to become part of River Security? Then we look forward to getting to know you better! 

This is an excellent opportunity to join a start-up who take pride in their supportive and collaborative culture. 

If you’re looking to make a global impact, River Security is the place for you. We are hiring a dedicated and future-oriented Senior Developer to join our great team! 

Now we need more developers! Are you the one we are looking for?

About River Security

River Security was established and founded in 2020. We are all about upstream thinking, thinking ahead of the symptoms and fixing problems at their core. We aim to disrupt and challenge the given standards in the industry, when approaching the ever-changing environments on behalf of our clients. We take pride in finding the right solutions and giving the best advice to help solve the core of problems. We practice ethical and healthy business, working for mutual benefits and value for both provider and client. As a fairly new player in the industry, we challenge the norm on how consulting and it-security assessments should be conducted. Furthermore, we strive to raise the standards and change the perspective with our methodology. Both now and in the future, we will further differentiate by holding only senior level of expertise in our group of consultants. This is crucial when delivering these types of critical assessments. As an independent Provider, with no connections or contracts with technology providers, we differentiate even more from the competitor landscape, and this makes it even easier to act objectively and deliver advice with no influence. We consider this to be essential characteristics of River Security and we find this attribute to be a key performing factor that gives our Clients the best possible delivery.

In addition to deliver “traditional” penetration testing activities, we have our own self-developed technology, Active Focus. This is a pro-active consultancy service with the purpose of continuously observing the known tactics, techniques and procedures attackers and criminals are using online and against our organizations. Through observation and pro-active testing, we will increase security, reveal vulnerabilities, and prevent attacks by proactively identifying vulnerabilities. As the digital attack surface changes on a regular basis, new services are provisioned and existing services change. It is therefore important to be flexible and dynamic when monitoring systems.

River Security helps large private companies and public enterprises to take digital leadership and is concerned with creating value for customers and society. We want to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. We consist of 10 employees:

  • We are profitable and in growth.
  • We apply a fully remote workforce, our head-office is in Oslo.
  • We have by August 2022, 60+ customers spread across Europe.

Our vision is to make internet a safer place for our customers. We do this by providing proactive consulting services and by delivering our self-developed Attack Surface Management platform, Active Focus. In River Security, we work agile and directly with our end customers.

Feel free to contact us!