“Everybody will be hacked, it’s just a matter of when, not if” – Interview Digi.no

Today we were featured in an article on a Norwegian online magazine called Digi.no. The article discusses our company launch and some important distinctions that makes us different from many others. Following are some of the conclusions the article makes. Link to both Norwegian and translated article at the bottom.

The article shares our long-term goal of 8-10 employees as of 2022, an ambitious goal. Short term goal is an immediate senior/principal hire during or after Summer.

The company will focus on providing consulting for organizations, not technology or products. While River Security will provide good advice, best-practices and how-to’s, it’s not up to us to dictate which technology partner you choose.

Furthermore, the article discusses:

  • The benefits of starting out with digital-footprint services. Providing reports based on reconnaissance, discovery and scanning activities of our offensive teams.
  • Continuously controlling organizations external facade, providing intelligence on changed assets, new vulnerabilities, leaked credentials, etc.
  • Passion, enthusiasm and initiative is what drives many security professionals like Chris Dale.
  • How remote work is acceptable in 2020, and more and more companies are comfortable hiring not only developers from India, but specialists you trust also remotely. Hackers work remotely, and so can we!
  • Threat intelligence and sharing of information. We applaud those whom share information regarding their own incidents, providing the rest of us with excellent intelligence on how to not fall victim to the same tricks.
  • The claim that everybody gets hacked. Most people have already been hacked in-fact, considering how huge leaks containing your private information is already in possession of attackers. Organizations are in the same position, and breach will occur sooner or later. Sadly, sometimes it’s our security products are the reason we get hacked.
  • Break out times for attackers are down to 19 minutes and 4.5 hours on average. Changes from a security perspective needs to happen much more rapidly than before.

Read the full article, translated by Google, here: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=no&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.digi.no%2Fartikler%2Fintervju-starter-opp-nytt-it-sikkerhetsfirma-med-snille-hackere%2F494490%3Fkey%3DuAacKs7P

Or read the original article in Norwegian here: https://www.digi.no/artikler/intervju-starter-opp-nytt-it-sikkerhetsfirma-med-snille-hackere/494490?key=uAacKs7P