A Serious Blow on Cyber Criminals Capabilities

Cyber Warfare

"Know yourself, know your enemy, you will not fear the result of a hundred battles" famously quotes the book Art of War by Sun Tzu. Age old war tactics still hold true in many aspects of cyber security. One of the most important aspects of IT is asset management. Knowing what you have, so you can better place it under governance and control. 

The team behind our Active Focus services primary job is to uncover and inform our clients about their relevant attack surface as attackers targeting them specifically. With Active Focus, River Security is your adversary and your friend, allowing us to win our battles. 

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Know Yourself

If we do not understand what we need to defend, for example:

  • Shadow IT
  • Newly provisioned systems
  • Developers experimenting with data and new solutions

How can we defend it? Through many clever techniques and attack methods, River Security continuously assess and discovers assets to be included in scope for defense to govern.

Know Your Enemy

River Security follow closely the attackers behaviors and attack techniques. In studying attackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's), our tools are sharpened and tailored to discover weaknesses in organizations defenses so we can better defend ourselves. Our Red Team uses the same attacks and techniques of attackers, and those we use in penetration tests, to help uncover vulnerabilities continuously. 

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Beating Attackers At Their Own Game

Active Focus’s job is to rapidly defeat our adversaries by being better and faster than the criminals.

The actor with the fastest OODA loops tends to win the war, and we help our customers ensure faster and better OODA loops.

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Defend Forward

The idea of not having compromise and instead assuming breach is upon us. Active Focus and taking a grip on attack surface management is a vital step in reducing organizations current and developing risks. Proactive security, defending where it matters the most and defending where attackers have opportunities to break in; this is defending forward. 

Active Focus enables defenders to view their organization from the outside looking in. Which holes should be patched and where should defensive efforts be focused?

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Offensive Security Operations Center

Opportunities arise from a day-to-day basis from an attackers perspective. Offensive Security Operations Centers is an establishment which allows offensive security engineers, i.e. Red Team, to continuously focus on the most recent and fruitful opportunities to break into an organization. 

From attackers perspective: What is possible today, and what changed over night? 

This is one of the most important questions we ask ourselves in delivering the Active Focus Attack Surface Management and Always-On Penetration Testing solutions. What can we do as attackers? What is possible? Can we hack our customer today? 

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