Digital Footprint

Understand your Digital Footprint

In today’s digital age, it’s essential for companies to have a clear understanding of their digital assets to effectively protect themselves against cyber threats. At times, companies may struggle to gain a comprehensive overview of their digital assets, leaving them unsure of where to implement cybersecurity defenses. By mapping out their digital footprint, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their digital assets and identify any potential weaknesses that may need to be addressed.

Mapping out the digital footprint should be a key priority for companies, especially before undergoing a penetration test to identify vulnerabilities. This activity provides many advantages, including significant cost savings and faster results. By gaining a clear understanding of their digital assets, organizations can quickly identify any weaknesses or systems that require maintenance before undergoing a penetration test. This ensures that the penetration test provides the most valuable feedback, focusing on what matters most to the organization. The advantages of mapping out the Digital Footprint is plentiful, here are some of them:

Less initial investment, more results earlier

Organizations will quickly get an overview of what their façade of digital assets look like. This will normally reveal weaknesses, systems that are not maintained and other problems which should be addressed by the organization. It is best to have these things fixed in advance of a penetration test. River Security also has the chance to provide more value, earlier in the engagements, when doing a mapping of your Digital Footprint. Less initial investments, more results earlier in the engagements.

Each Digital Footprint is conducted by a team of expert penetration testers, ensuring the highest level of quality. By taking advantage of the same skills, techniques and tactics of our adversaries, we are able to effectively map out the most valuable feedback as possible. Learn more about how River Security understands the adversary.

The proper way to set the stage for a penetration test

At River Security, we understand the importance of providing high-quality penetration testing services. Our team of expert penetration testers uses the same skills, techniques, and tactics employed by hackers to effectively map out the digital footprint and provide valuable insights to our clients. By identifying the attack surface, we can help companies better understand how hackers operate and develop a more effective cybersecurity strategy.

A digital footprint assessment sets the stage properly for a penetration test. It allows the penetration test to focus on what matters the most, not just the assets whom someone thinks is the most important ones, but the ones pointed out by a professional hacker. It is important for us to prove to clients where the attack surface lies, as many companies does not have the full overview themselves, and probably does not know how hackers operate. Shadow IT is a concern for many, and this is normally uncovered during a mapping of digital assets.

Want to read more? We have written a blog on how to engage companies on offensive security. Spoiler alert: it typically starts with a Digital Footprint exercise.

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