Interview: XSS Rat & Chris Dale

Chris Dale was invited to do a webcast with XSS Rat, and why not give back to the community and say yes? The webcast discussed the following topics:

  • How to become a certified SANS instructor.
  • What makes you want to teach for other people.
  • Advice on how to get into the hacking scene.
  • How do you prioritize which services to attack first.
  • Release cycles and continuous monitoring for security purposes.
  • How we handle vulnerabilities / CVE’s that doesn’t necessarily have a proof-of-concept attached to them.
  • Minimum Viable Penetration Testing methodology.
  • Career advice and the 20/80 split of time and effort spent vs. returns on investment.
  • When do you stop feeling like a script-kiddie and start feeling like a hacker.
  • Suggestions on attack methodology to start finding more interesting findings.
  • The origin and meaning behind River Security.
  • What should you put on your resume to land your dream job.
  • Tips on the hiring process and how to find talent.

We hope you find it interesting. The interview can be seen here: