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    Quickly identify any weaknesses or systems that require maintenance, before penetration testing. This reduces initial investments and you get results earlier.

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    Our senior penetration testers employ the same skills, techniques and tactics as hackers with the goal of actively keeping the door shut from cyber threats.

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    Get day to day insights into your attack surface from the perspective of friendly hackers.

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What our clients say

Ole-Martin Bækkeli



Azets have had the pleasure of working with River Security and their proactive managed service “Active Focus” since late 2020. The service is unique and innovative, and very suitable for our organization which includes several subsidiaries spanning many European countries, most with their own IT portfolio. One of the differentiating features of River Security is that they focus on real threats and areas that need attention – so we not only know about vulnerabilities, dark web disclosures and other issues, but also how they will affect our business. The focus on a pragmatic and customized approach results in River Security getting integrated into our daily security operations, and we are quickly able to resolve matters.

From day one, the service from River Security has significantly improved our IT-security posture, and we have been supplied with precise, critical and relevant input immediately upon discovery.

We can safely recommend River Security and the service “Active Focus” to anyone who wishes to systemize continuous attack surface management.

Fighting cyber crime together

Information Security has been a top priority and struggle for companies worldwide for many years. Our team of experts take pride in finding the right solutions to help solve the core problems, allowing greater returns on investments and supporting innovation and savings.