Kåre Teigland

Head of IT

As the uncertainty surrounding the situation in Europe continues, security in critical infrastructure is of higher importance than ever. Having an external party look at your company from an attackers’ point of view is crucial to identify weaknesses, but also to confirm good measures already in place.

Through a tendering process, we invited River Security to submit their proposal. They immediately understood the assignment, still they challenged us and brought life to new ideas and concepts.

Endgame was that they suggested a multi-phase delivery covering exactly what we (didn’t know we) needed. This made it easy to conclude what vendor to appoint amongst strong competitors.

They started with conducting an external digital footprint to give us an overview of all our digital assets and continued to perform inside penetration testing both remote and on-site.

At the end of the delivery, they held a thorough workshop to go through their findings and suggested measures to mitigate and reduce the risk of being successfully hacked by cyber criminals.

We receive complete reports from every phase, in addition to an executive summary describing what measures we need to focus on first.

Our experience from working with River Security is exclusively positive. Their competence, adaptability and knowledge sharing are without comparison.

We can safely recommend River Security.