Kjetil Moklev Tollevsen

VP Products & Engineering

We realized the need of switching from a compliance-driven annual pentest approach, which can often feel like “security theater,” to a continuous focus method for better risk management. This approach gives us greater faith in our ability to protect our 50K clients who rely on our payment and accounting infrastructure. To ensure security and stability as our business expands and with the recent name change, which may increase our attractiveness as a target, it was crucial to implement additional security measures. Although we have strong internal cyber security and measures in place, it can be challenging to keep up with a growing attack surface and external threats. That’s why we sought the expertise of River Security, who can help us stay ahead of potential threats.

River Security has provided great value to Aritma since the start, first through an initial Digital Footprint exercise and then with the ongoing delivery in Active Focus. Their methods and technology have uncovered vulnerabilities we would not necessarily find on our own. The team is skilled in identifying real vulnerabilities, demonstrating how they can be exploited, and illustrating the severity. We recommend River Security for their technical expertise, and as a group of people who is pleasant to work with.