Rimutis Lavickas

IT Admin

In our industry, staying aware and ahead of IT security concerns is essential. Our decision to engage River Security to assess our digital attack surface was rooted in our commitment to safeguarding our operations. The process was straightforward: once we confirmed the details, they immediately set to work.Their assessment provided a practical external view of Veso’s digital presence, highlighting areas of concern and vulnerabilities, some of which were unexpected. Their report and workshop session were to-the-point, uncomplicated, and insightful; reviewing the report to address issues was straightforward. The advice provided allowed us to implement both short-term and strategic measures based on the prioritized list of issues. This collaboration has been efficient, informative, and will aid in raising awareness across our operations. In addition to the Digital Footprint delivery, River Security provided invaluable guidance through their general cybersecurity consulting. We can confidently recommend River Security.