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Information Security has been a top priority and struggle for companies world-wide for many years. Our team of experts take pride in finding the right solutions to help solve the core of problems, allowing greater returns on investments and supporting innovation and savings. This is what our clients say about River Security.

“We have repeatedly had a positive experience with River Security’s services. The gained insights contribute to further advance our security, in addition to confirming that measures and solutions already in place works as intended. River Security proves themselves through their knowledge and service orientation which cannot be taken for granted. We also enjoyed the pleasant, relaxed, and collegial interaction that created a great arena for knowledge sharing. We can therefore nothing but recommend River Security.”

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“We needed to perform a penetration test/audit of a mobile application. After our first meeting, we felt certain that River Security had the right competence and mindset to perform the job. They proved to be competent and very flexible with regards to timeframe and changes in scope.”

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“River Security conducted a Digital Footprint report and Penetration Test for us which was very valuable. Their work showed very high competence and also great communication skills which gave us great insight of findings and where to put our focus in the future.”

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“Protecting our customers data is a key priority at Klaveness Digital, we therefore test our products regularly. After careful consideration and evaluation of different providers, we chose River Security as the preferred partner due to their knowledge, agility and approach.”

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“River Security has proven to be a security partner who has excelled at delivering what we needed, when we needed it and in a very customized and highly applicable way. Through our engagements with the team of experts, our team has benefited greatly from receiving useful and hands-on ideas on how we can continuously understand and address many of our cyber challenges.”

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“We have worked with River Security a while, and since August 2021 we have been on their service, Active Focus. We experience that the service is highly relevant, and it gives us a great benefit when it comes to discovering issues at the earliest possible time. We know that when we receive a report from River Security, there is an actual issue that they can prove. We like how their reports is concise, and that they offer a solution and expert opinion for both short- and long-term fixes. The team is very knowledgeable and has taught us a lot when it comes to proactive cyber security. They are agile and clearly has a lot of competence within their field, and we are happy to have them on our side in the ever-changing threat landscape.”

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We have come to know River Security quite well the last few years, as they have conducted several penetration tests for us. Through each and every contact we have had with them, we have experienced nothing but excellence at all stages. As a large company we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to security. Having highly competent partners like River Security provides us with immense value. Their validations and recommendations are very comprehendible and contributes to our ability to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals. River Security has been consistent, flexible and proved their competence in every single delivery. We want to give River Security our best recommendations!

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“River Security did a penetration test and assessment of the cyber security of our product. The team at River did a great job in understanding our systems in no time. They were highly efficient in analyzing every piece of our solution, both on our physical devices and on our cloud systems, and gave continuous feedback to us on things to improve. We got a thorough walkthrough of every vulnerability, their severity and guidance on how to fix them. This was very educational and insightful and gave our entire team a lot of motivation to increase and maintain a high level of cyber security. We would definitely recommend River Security.”

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“Collaborating with River Security is proving transformative for us at Posten Bring.  We have a large digital footprint, making it challenging to assess effectively.

However, River Security’s ongoing delivery is offering us invaluable insights into our own assets, highlighting both where we have control and where there is room for improvement.

What truly impresses us is how comprehensive the service was and that River Security’s analysis with their methods unveiled hidden issues and identified areas where we need to take action.

This newfound visibility is essential, enabling us to pinpoint precisely where enhancements are needed in a prioritized order.

Thanks to River Security, we now have a comprehensive understanding of our external exposure and can confidently prioritize accordingly.

Their delivery not only brings clarity but also facilitates the streamlining and alignment of our security posture.

Worth mentioning is their swift activation of experts and penetration testers on-the-fly during our monthly meetings to provide added value and address tailored needs as they arise.

In summary, River Security’s contribution with Active Focus is instrumental in navigating the complexities of our external attack surface, empowering us to make informed decisions and proactively enhance our overall IT-security posture.

We sincerely appreciate their expertise and professionalism and wholeheartedly recommend their Active Focus service to any organization.”

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“We recently had River Security conduct a security workshop for our team and selected customers. The workshop was well executed, and the content of the presentation was exciting, unique, enjoyable, and relevant. Chris did a great job teaching both testers and developers about the importance of security testing and how to develop secure code. I highly recommend River Security for top-notch security training.”

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“Had the pleasure of working with River Security during a digital footprint analysis. The analysis itself was very good and thorough and the report gave us clear directions over where to focus our efforts next which of course is very valuable. I can also say that working with the highly skilled professionals at River Security was a delight and I can highly recommend them for this type of projects or activities “

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“As the uncertainty surrounding the situation in Europe continues, security in critical infrastructure is of higher importance than ever. Having an external party look at your company from an attackers’ point of view is crucial to identify weaknesses, but also to confirm good measures already in place.

Through a tendering process, we invited River Security to submit their proposal. They immediately understood the assignment, still they challenged us and brought life to new ideas and concepts.”

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“Their creative and thorough methods instilled confidence in our work as a small business, enabling us to proudly process data for hundreds of thousands of children in Norway. They combined professionalism with a down-to-earth and warm approach. They had a great eye for detail and clever approaches which we learned a lot from.”

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“At the core of our comprehensive cyber-security approach is the concept of layered protection, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of the latest and greatest innovations in the industry. That’s where River Security comes in, offering their Active Focus service to keep us ahead of the curve with a constantly evolving attack surface, and even helping us to uncover the unknown. With a dynamic blend of cutting-edge technology and skilled expert verification, paired with lightning-fast agility, we are better equipped to tackle any threat that comes our way.”

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“As part of our ongoing security efforts, we’ve engaged external experts, River Security, to assess our security posture. They specialize in offensive security, or “Red Team” activities, and we affectionately refer to them as “kind bandits.”

The exercise aimed to uncover:

Unknown attack surfaces and vulnerabilities

Potential information leaks

Opportunities to enhance security


10 domains, 89 subdomains, and 87 applications reviewed

Some third-party apps needed upgrading

Internal tools unnecessarily accessible online

Vulnerabilities to “User Enumeration Attack” identified

Incomplete security headers (CSP, HSTS, SPF, DKIM, DMARC) for some domains

No critical vulnerabilities or data leaks were found. One medium severity item that required a simple upgrade, while the rest where low-severity “hygiene points.”

Having an external perspective is invaluable. River Security’s professionalism, attention to detail, and well-executed process impressed us. Security is paramount, and partnering with experts like River Security reaffirms our commitment to safeguarding services and users.

External expertise is crucial in areas where we lack proficiency. River Security’s work provided assurance and a reminder of the perpetual need for improvement.” Read full article here:

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