Posten Bring

Tore Larsen Orderløkken



“Collaborating with River Security is proving transformative for us at Posten Bring.  We have a large digital footprint, making it challenging to assess effectively.

However, River Security’s ongoing delivery is offering us invaluable insights into our own assets, highlighting both where we have control and where there is room for improvement.

What truly impresses us is how comprehensive the service was and that River Security’s analysis with their methods unveiled hidden issues and identified areas where we need to take action.

This newfound visibility is essential, enabling us to pinpoint precisely where enhancements are needed in a prioritized order.

Thanks to River Security, we now have a comprehensive understanding of our external exposure and can confidently prioritize accordingly.

Their delivery not only brings clarity but also facilitates the streamlining and alignment of our security posture.

Worth mentioning is their swift activation of experts and penetration testers on-the-fly during our monthly meetings to provide added value and address tailored needs as they arise.

In summary, River Security’s contribution with Active Focus is instrumental in navigating the complexities of our external attack surface, empowering us to make informed decisions and proactively enhance our overall IT-security posture.

We sincerely appreciate their expertise and professionalism and wholeheartedly recommend their Active Focus service to any organization.”