Vulnerabilities, Technology and People

A modern attacker is very persistent and will keep looking for vulnerability and probe your environment until they find vulnerabilities. Their ideal situation is to find mis-configured assets, vulnerabilities, new port openings through firewalls and other avenues of attack. This holds true for both cyber criminals and nation states, but capabilities are also present to individual hackers looking for fun and profit. River Security mimics this behavior to constantly strive for testing our customers against the latest and developing vulnerabilities and issues, addressing issues via continuously reporting and agile integrations to customers existing teams.

River Security provides specialized, focused and persistent control on clients attack surfaces. We implement both manual and automatic processes to continuously verify if the targets attack surface changes in any way. In terms of changes, the changes can be assessed directly by penetration testers, and notifications of any problems can be reported.

Every month there is about 10 – 15 significant breaches of companies, and their respective user databases are leaked online. River Security holds enterprise licenses across services to provide efficient and accurate reporting of when a customer employee has their credentials breached.

River Security monitors the assets represented as the Digital Footprint of their clients. Assets are continuously added both manually, automated or provided by the client, allowing you to discover vulnerabilities before they are abused by someone else.

With live pro-active monitoring by professional offensive specialists, companies can rest assured, someone got their back and are paying attention to mistakes. A series of managed tools in conjunction with licensed enterprise software allows River Security to be immediately notified when changes take place. It will support you in the latest advances, innovation and agile journey to new undertakings. A resilient and secure future for your business in cooperation with specialists in offensive services.