What our clients say

Information Security has been a top priority and struggle for companies world-wide for many years. Our team of experts take pride in finding the right solutions to help solve the core of problems, allowing greater returns on investments and supporting innovation and savings. This is what our clients say about River Security.


"Azets have had the pleasure of working with River Security and their proactive managed service “Active Focus” since late 2020. The service is unique and innovative, and very suitable for our organization which includes several subsidiaries spanning many European countries, most with their own IT portfolio. One of the differentiating features of River Security is that they focus on real threats and areas that need attention - so we not only know about vulnerabilities, dark web disclosures and other issues, but also how they will affect our business. The focus on a pragmatic and customized approach results in River Security getting integrated into our daily security operations, and we are quickly able to resolve matters.

From day one, the service from River Security has significantly improved our IT-security posture, and we have been supplied with precise, critical and relevant input immediately upon discovery.

We can safely recommend River Security and the service “Active Focus” to anyone who wishes to systemize continuous attack surface management."

Ole-Martin Bækkeli

CISO | Azets


"River Security has conducted a digital footprint, several penetration tests and conducted internal cyber Security awareness programs for us. River security has been very pleasant to work with, they “held our hand” through the entire project, took lead and ownership to be able to deliver their part. They are extremely agile and adapted really well to our way of working. River spoke our language and we immediately identified with them and their way of working with cyber security. I would gladly recommend River Security for anyone who has similar needs as us."

Stian Øien

VP Software & Services | Easee


"River Security provided an extraordinary delivery and gave us an instant overview on our Digital Footprint. Their skill level is unprecedented, and they provided us with great value from start to finish during the weeks of collaboration. Their way of delivery is both agile and dynamic and that makes the deliveries flexible and comfortable. Their methodology is innovative and seeks to find the root cause of any given problem.

They have been available throughout the whole period of the delivery and participated in all ad-hoc meetings requested. Furthermore, they have been very pragmatic and solution oriented, and I also appreciate the honestly during this whole delivery. We’d like to work with them again as a strategic it-security partner in the future."

Junjie Cao

Head of IT | The National Museum

"River Security has proven to be a security partner who has excelled at delivering what we needed, when we needed it and in a very customized and highly applicable way. Through our engagements with the team of experts, our team has benefited greatly from receiving useful and hands-on ideas on how we can continuously understand and address many of our cyber challenges. We can highly recommend River Security as a professional and highly talented security partner."

Christine Wald-Jacobsen

Chief Technology Officer | Lingit


"River Security conducted a Digital Footprint report and Penetration Test for us which was very valuable. Their work showed very high competence and also great communication skills which gave us great insight of findings and where to put our focus in the future.  Their services are well-recommended, and we’d like to work with them again."

Torgeir Bjørkhaug

Senior advisor IT | Institute of Marine Research


"We've worked with remarkably talented consultants at River Security and can highly recommend them to others. Hands-on solutions, practical examples and a definitive light in the tunnel for our projects was the return from our consulting sessions."

Aharon Fuchs

Managing Director | Cyber-Scope


"Protecting our customers data is a key priority at Klaveness Digital, we therefore test our products regularly. After careful consideration and evaluation of different providers, we chose River Security as the preferred partner due to their knowledge, agility and approach. They conducted a granular and in-depth penetration test on a selected system with a high level of expertise and determination. The testing and follow up reporting were comprehensive, and they were very helpful in taking us through the results and discussing remedial actions. We have no hesitation in recommending River Security for similar activities."

Thomas Gøytil

Head of Security | Klaveness Digital


"River Security conducted a Digital Footprint report which gave us a great overview of our digital assets. We have a history of mergers and acquisitions and really needed to get a better overview of all the resource we have and what these might represent related to threats and risks. A bonus to the delivered report, was the brilliant walk-through, where we learned a lot concerning the current status in addition to the insights on the newest approaches and attack methods within the field of Cyber."

Gunilla Stüssi

IT Manager | Backe


"We required an external analysis of one of our product-offerings, and was very positively surprised about River Security’s competence, skillset and ability to understand our internal processes without previous knowledge of our systems. The following evaluation and report gave great insight to where we should put our focus moving forward, and Fair appreciates the high level of flexibility and pragmatic approach to a complex project. Their services are well-recommended."

Marius Gylseth

Chief Digital Officer | Fair Group


"Had the pleasure of working with River Security during a digital footprint analysis.
The analysis itself was very good and thorough and the report gave us clear directions over where to focus our efforts next which of course is very valuable.
I can also say that working with the highly skilled professionals at River Security was a delight and I can highly recommend them for this type of projects or activities"

Linus Andrén

Chief Technology Officer | Revolution Race


«We’ve had the joy of becoming a returning customer, experiencing a high level of efficiency and quality of workmanship. River Security have proven to be a valuable partner in our continuing risk assessment and security work, showing excellent understanding and execution of the tasks required.”

Steffen Tronstad

Managing Director | Altidata


"River Security conducted a Digital Footprint and an internal Penetration Test on our systems. Our experience with the team from River Security shows that they are highly skilled professionals. Throughout the project we really appreciated their enthusiasm and great interaction with our own team. The River team were most flexible in both work hours and feedback loops, with a mindset of continuous knowledge transfer throughout the delivery. We felt very included in the process and have learned a lot about threat actors, tactics techniques and procedures. As a final exercise, we did a full-day workshop where we were given in-depth and specific input how to further improve our it-security posture and hygiene. We would gladly work with River again."

Otto Rustand

Head of System Operations | Glitre Energi


“We had a truly engaging and inspiring lecture from River Security held by Chris Dale on the subject of vendor security and “always-on” penetration testing. The lecture was practical with a theoretical backdrop and provided us with knowledge on how to assess cloud vendors and other vendors, as well as how “always-on” penetration testing, and Attack Surface Management can reduce the risks.

His personal and direct approach was captivating, and lead to great discussions, even when the session was over! His experience and passion for Cyber Security is infectious, and this lecture will be remembered for a long time.”

Per Arne Vada

Industry Policy Advisor | Energy Norway


"We had a very engaging and helpful lecture from River Security, held by Chris Dale. There is no doubt that he possesses experience and competence far beyond what we feel is our own everyday life.

Very useful to get such a clear and direct reminder that cybercrime is not just about burglary in large companies and where the big money is. Entertaining and thought-provoking."

Hege Eide Dahl

Team Lead Marketing | Utdanningsforbundet


"We needed to perform a penetration test/audit of a mobile application. After our first meeting, we felt certain that River Security had the right competence and mindset to perform the job. They proved to be competent and very flexible with regards to timeframe and changes in scope.

We can safely recommend the River Security team for similar assignments, as their knowledge and work is precise and refreshing."

Farzad Jalily

CTO | Instabank