How Firi gained full overview of their external attack surface

With a large range of valuable assets and potential threats, Firi proactively works with Active Focus to manage current and ever changing risks, enabling them to gain a comprehensive overview of their attack surface.

Client quote

“In addition to utilizing River Security’s services for Active Focus, we also value their expertise as a sparring partner in other areas to help us maintain an active defense against potential cyber attacks. Their expertise in penetration testing, cyber deception, intrusion detection, and other related fields has been instrumental in increasing our overall IT security.”

Cato Auestad, CTO – Firi

Cato Auestad

Trusted with valuable assets

As a platform for cryptocurrency, Firi handles a great deal of valuables for their customers. Trading services can be attractive targets to cyber crime, leaving Firi exposed to threats.

Firi places the utmost importance on safeguarding its customer’s security. In light of the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, the company has needed to adopt a proactive approach to managing its attack surface.

Firi and Active Focus

To achieve this, Firi conducted a thorough evaluation of various solutions available in the market, and ultimately decided to partner with River Security and utilize the Active Focus technology.

Active Focus continuously map out Firi’s attack surface and perform penetration tests on selected assets. By doing so, Firi is able to stay ahead of potential threats and provide an added layer of protection for their customers. This comprehensive overview empowers Firi to make informed decisions and ensure the security of their valuable assets.

“Being a proactive service provider, we are proud to contribute to the safeguarding of Firi’s and their customers’ digital assets. It’s thrilling to play a part in securing digital currency, especially with Firi’s demonstrated maturity in implementing effective security measures. We look forward to continuing our partnership and ensuring the highest level of protection for Firi’s valuable assets.”

Magnus Holst, CEO – River Security



Firi is considered Norways largest service for buying and selling bitcoin. They are a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the buying and selling of various digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. As a financial services company, Firi recognizes the critical importance of maintaining a secure and compliant platform for their customers’ digital assets.

Founded in 2017
170.000 users
30 employees
Client quote

“It’s amazing how the Active Focus technology keeps our defence system relevant at all times, providing us with a clear understanding of our attack surface and empowering us to stay one step ahead of potential threats.”

Cato Auestad, CTO – Firi