Digiflow increase their proactive approach to IT-security with Active Focus

Active Focus delivers immediate value through its dynamic and integrated IT security approach, proving to be crucial for Digiflow in safeguarding against digital threats.

Client quote

“Choosing River Security as our offensive security partner has been a pivotal decision for usThe complex scope of our services, covering essential systems and cloud services for a growing clientele, naturally increased our exposure to cybersecurity threats. Such exposure required a strong defense strategy capable of proactively detecting and neutralizing threats, guaranteeing continuous service and preserving our clients’ confidence”

Erlend Bråten, Director of Operations – Digiflow


Security Challenges for Digiflow

Digiflow is among Norway’s premier providers of IT operational services to the SMB market, and based on their extensive experience, they have developed an end-to-end IT platform for their customers, taking full responsibility for the operations and support of their rapidly growing client base. By integrating market-leading solutions and products, they have ensured that their customers benefit from a secure state-of-the-art and IT infrastructure, with comprehensive operations and support in place. 

Like all IT services providers, Digiflow faced significant IT security challenges. As a comprehensive IT services supplier, including operations and support for their customers’ business-critical systems and cloud services, Digiflow’s extensive range of services naturally makes it a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals and threat actors. Given the critical role Digiflow plays in supporting its clients’ business operations, a security breach could have serious repercussions, not just for Digiflow but also for the SMBs they serve. 

Strengthening Security through Collaboration

To address their security challenges, Digiflow engaged River Security as a foundational part of their total cyber defence strategy. River Security’s Active Focus service, with continuous, expert-moderated penetration testing and attack surface management, form the backbone of this defense.  

The partnership with River Security has been crucial for rapid and proactive identification and addressing of security vulnerabilities, with River Security monitoring changes to Digiflow’s attack surface daily and then conducting targeted simulated cyber-attacks by micro-pentesting all changes to identify potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, River Security promptly tests all new hacking methodologies developed by threat actors on the entirety of Digiflow’s digital attack surface, another critical factor in staying ahead of the criminals. 

Purple Teaming

The partnership between Digiflow and River Security has led to the creation of what is effectively a “purple team,” a fusion of Digiflow’s internal IT defense (blue team) with River Security’s offensive, continuous external penetration testing, and attack surface management (red team). This approach has allowed Digiflow to benefit from the best of offensive and defensive strategies, and has significantly improved their security posture by sharing insights and integrating learnings from both proactive and reactive perspectives, enhancing their ability to detect and patch newly emerged vulnerabilities in their digital attack surface at the earliest stages possible. 

Integrated Approach to Robust IT Security 

This dynamic and integrated approach to IT security has been crucial for Digiflow in protecting against digital threats. By continuously challenging and improving their security systems through their ongoing collaboration with River Security, Digiflow ensures not only defense against attacks but also the ability to quickly restore operations with minimal disruption to their customers. This proactive and comprehensive security strategy is essential for maintaining their famed digital “flow zone” and the trust critical to Digiflow’s service delivery and business model, safeguarding against the consequences of security breaches for Digiflow itself and, more importantly, for the large number of SMBs they serve. 

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Digiflow is a leading Norwegian IT service provider focusing on the national SMB market, helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed digitally by facilitating an easy, safe, and predictable IT everyday life. Since 2009, Digiflow has been one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Norway. In 2023, they were recognized by Microsoft Norway as a finalist for the Modern Work Partner of the Year 2023 and the Digitalization Partner for SMB of the Year 2023.

Founded in 2009
1000+ customers
80 employees
Client quote

“Digiflow is an IT-partner committed to facilitate digital success for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), aiming in the process to provide our customers with deliverables well above industry standards. Our focus on ensuring the security of our customers’ data has led us to choose River Security as our preferred IT-security partner. Their continuous approach aligns seamlessly with our commitment to safeguarding sensitive information, providing a unique and important additional layer of security. After thorough consideration and evaluation of various IT-security providers, we selected River Security for their expertise, agility, and unique approach. They have offered valuable insights into our digital attack surface and they assist us with daily controls related to changes. The continuous testing and detailed follow-up reporting have been comprehensive, and their team has been instrumental in guiding us through results and findings and discussing remedial actions. We highly recommend River security and their Active Focus offering for any company with a significant external attack surface.”

Erlend Bråten, Director of Operations – Digiflow