Azets chose Active Focus for proactive protection

Active Focus transforms and secures Azets' digital landscape, providing crucial insights into emerging threats like Citrix, SQL Injection, and Exchange/OWA. With continuous monitoring, Azets maintains ongoing cybersecurity resilience

Client quote

“River Security’s Active Focus service has been a game-changer for us. It’s not just about identifying security issues; it’s about understanding how they affect our business. This service has significantly improved our IT security posture, and we now have the critical insights we need to protect our organization effectively.”

Ole-Martin Bekkeli, CISO – Azets


Azets, like many other large organizations, faced the challenge of managing the complex IT security landscape of multiple subsidiaries spread across various countries. They needed a solution that could not only identify vulnerabilities and threats but also provide actionable insights on how these issues could impact their business. The dynamic nature of the IT environment required continuous monitoring and immediate responses to critical security concerns.

River Security’s Active Focus service was the ideal solution for Azets’ complex security needs. Active Focus offered a unique approach that focused on real threats and areas requiring immediate attention. The proactive and customized nature of the service allowed Azets to integrate River Security seamlessly into their daily security operations. With precise, critical, and relevant information provided upon discovery, Azets was able to address security concerns promptly, significantly improving their IT security posture.

After implementing River Security’s Active Focus service, Azets experienced a transformation in their approach to IT security. They now have a peace of mind, knowing that their organization is better protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities. The continuous attack surface management not only ensures smoother business operations but also delivers tangible real-world value:

  • Critical Threat Insights: Equipped Azets with crucial insights into emerging threats, including Citrix, SQL Injection, and Exchange/OWA, enabling swift and informed action.
  • Unveiling ‘Shadow Entities’: Identified lurking ‘shadow entities’ that had previously gone unnoticed, adding an extra layer of security vigilance.
  • Addressing Credential Leaks: Detected multiple credential leaks among internal and external users, arming Azets’ security department with the knowledge needed to prioritize and effectively address these issues.

The outcome? A strengthened security posture and a seamlessly operating business landscape for Azets.

“Azets’ commitment to strengthening their attack surface goes beyond conventional measures; they are fully devoted with a proactive stance, ensuring a safe digital environment for all its entities. It is rewarding to see how they quickly absorb information and push to execute when we report on emerging threats. For them, IT-security is not just about ticking off security check-boxes, and I truly admire their genuine dedication to build a secure digital space for the whole organization. Its been a pleasure following their growth since 2021 and still see that IT-security is a key component in their strategy.”

Jan Petter Dale, Threat Intelligence Manager – River Security



Azets is a large organization with multiple subsidiaries spanning many countries. Renowned for delivering comprehensive professional services, encompassing financial, legal, and advisory solutions, the company adeptly manages a sophisticated IT portfolio. This showcases Azets’ versatility and influence across various domains.

Founded in 2016
90.000 customers
7.500 employees
Client quote

“We can’t recommend River Security and their Active Focus service enough. If you want to systemize continuous attack surface management and enhance your security operations, this is the way to go. River Security has truly become an indispensable partner for us.”

Ole-Martin Bekkeli, CISO – Azets