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Active Focus is Bolstering Artima's Fintech Advancements.

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Engaging with River Security has transformed how we at Artitma approach our digital security landscape. It’s equivalent to expanding our IT department with an expert unit specialized in security, offering us continual vulnerability analysis that propels us forward with confidence and speed. The availability of extended penetration tests has been beneficial, highlighting the comprehensive support and value River Security brings to the table. It’s not just a service; it’s a partnership that secures our progress in the digital landscape.”


Kjetil Moklev Tollevsen, VP Products & Engineering – Aritma

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Navigating a World of Heightened Threats 

In today’s world, Aritma observes a generally heightened level of threats compared to the past, particularly with the ongoing geopolitical situation. Given the macroeconomic conditions and uncertain times globally, there is an increasing need to secure IT solutions and systems.  

Aritma serves corporate clients of various sizes across different industries, and despite the diversity in customer segments, there are consistently high IT-security standards amongst them. Aritma’s clientele includes larger ERP systems and payroll systems, all of which prioritize security. Aritma wouldn’t be able to provide the services it offers today if it didn’t take security seriously. Holding a PSD2 license, Aritma is also subject to rigorous regulations from The Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet). 

A Commitment to Comprehensive Security 

Prioritizing cyber security is paramount for Aritma, and the company finds River Security’s combinational delivery, which includes external attack surface management and continuous penetration testing, to be highly important going forward as it grows its external exposure. Additionally, extended in-depth penetration tests, conducted when needed, have proven to be highly useful for Aritma. River Security and their Active Focus solution also enable Aritma to comply with certain compliance and regulatory aspects and, even more importantly, help it deliver on specific corporate client requirements. 

Transforming Security Practices with Active Focus 

Since implementing Active Focus, Aritma’s approach to security has undergone a positive transformation. The continuous focus and regular status meetings have compelled Aritma to consistently prioritize and engage in discussions about security matters. With River Security acting as an extended arm to Aritma’s operation, there’s even more emphasis on IT-security. Having a proactive partner like River Security has allowed Aritma to “move a bit faster,” as they provide valuable consultation whenever needed.  

This collaboration is particularly beneficial as Aritma creates numerous new cloud-based services and APIs. Their ongoing analysis and active testing, along with the partnership itself, bring significant value to Aritma’s organization. It is reassuring for Aritma to collaborate with River Security and leverage their services and expertise, and they can strongly recommend them. 

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Aritma is a leading fintech company in the B2B sector, specializing in financial data automation between banks and ERP systems. With their API platform for financial data, they are making APIs accessible and well-documented.

Founded in 1990
40.000 + business customers
45 employees

“As a provider of infrastructure through APIs, we are inherently more exposed. Therefore, maintaining a focus on IT-security and uptime is crucial. With a PSD2 license from The Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) and strict IT-security requirements, having River Security as an external partner conducting ongoing penetration testing and vulnerability analysis provides us with an additional layer of security.”

Kjetil Moklev Tollevsen, VP Products & Engineering – Aritma