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Karina Aarland

A warm welcome to Robert!

We are happy to announce yet an expansion of the team! It is no secret that there is a global shortage in Cyber Security competence. It has been predicted that...
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Welcome Oscar W. Halland, full-stack developer!

We are thrilled to welcome a full-stack developer to the team! Our company and services are continuously expanding and evolving, and our service Active Focus has matured significantly over the...
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2021 – The Comic

A month into 2022, it's finally time to take a look back at 2021. This was our first full year in business, and it has been beyond anything we could...
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Countdown to Christmas!

Christmas is approaching, and here at River Security, "Santa's helpful elves" have produced 24 challenges, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas. We've got awesome stickers and...
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We are hiring!

Want to join an innovative start-up within the cyber security industry?  Employer: River Security AS  Job title: Senior Penetration Tester  Deadline: Apply! For the right person, there is always an opening. Form of...
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Welcome Simen Bai!

Join us in welcoming our future rockstar, Simen Bai to the position as Security Researcher! Throughout interview-rounds and his participation in our hacker-house event early this fall, we have gotten...
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